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Fast Clad ER Epoxy

Product Description:

Fast Clad ER Epoxy is an edge retentive, ultra high solids epoxy amine coating engineered for immersion service in sea water ballast tanks, fuel/sea water ballast tanks, and petroleum storage tanks. The rapid return to service and high build, edge retentive properties of this coating provide superior protection compared to conventional epoxies.


  • One coat protection
  • Fast return to service
  • Low odor
  • Dry to walk-on within four hours
  • Designed for plural-component application equipment
  • Greater than 70% edge build retention
  • Low Temperature application and cure capabilities to 35°F (See Application Conditions)


Finish: Gloss

Color: White-Base, Blue OAP, Red Oxide

Volume Solids: 100%, mixed

Weight Solids: 100%, mixed

VOC (EPA Method #24): <85 g/L ; 0.71 lb/gal, mixed

Mix Ratio: 1:1 by volume


Theoretical Spreading Rate per coat:
  Minimum Maximum
Wet mils (microns) 18.0 (450) 22.0 (550)
Dry mils (microns) 18.0 (450) 22.0 (550)
~Coverage sq ft/gal (sq m/L) 73 (1.8) 89 (2.2)
Theoretical coverage sq ft/gal
(sq m/L) @ 1 mil / 25 microns dft
1604 (39.4)  

Recommended Uses:

Fast Clad ER Epoxy is for use over prepared steel or masonry surfaces in industrial and marine exposures such as:

  • Ballast tank interiors and oil storage tank interiors
  • Fuel storage tanks and external pipeline coating
  • Primary or Secondary containment
  • Acceptable for use with cathodic protection systems
  • Where rapid return to service and edge protection fi lm build properties are required
  • Meets MIL-PRF-23236 Type VII, Class 5, 7, 5/18, 7/18, 13/18, 17, 17/18 Grade C requirements for single and multi-coat seawater, fuel, bilges, and CHT tanks
  • Blue OAP contains fl uorescent pigment 
  • Wind tower gearbox lining and transformer lining up to 204°F (96°C)
  • Suitable for use in the Mining & Minerals Industry

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