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EucoRepair V100 Repair Mortar

Product Description:

EUCOREPAIR V100 is a single-component, quick-setting, low shrinkage repair mortar formulated with unique polymers and fiber reinforcement for vertical and overhead repairs requiring high performance.

Primary Applications:

  • Vertical and overhead repairs
  • Parking structures & bridges
  • Water and wastewater treatment facilities
  • Marine structures, tunnels, and dams
  • Above and below grade applications

Features / Benefits:

  • Single-component for easy mixing and handling
  • Excellent freeze-thaw resistance for difficult climates
  • Polymer modified with fiber reinforcement
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 61 certified
  • Contains an integral corrosion inhibitor
  • Low permeability helps protect rebar from corrosion
  • High bond strength provides excellent adhesion
  • Apply coatings after 6 hours at 70°F (21°C)

Technical information:

The following are typical values obtained under laboratory conditions. Expect reasonable variation under field conditions.

Set Time (ASTM C 266, Gilmore)

Initial Set (approx): 20 min.
Final Set (approx): 35 min.

Compressive Strength

AMST C109 modified, 2" (5 cm) cubes, psi (MPa)
3 hours: 2,000 (13.8)
1 day: 3,200 (22.0)
7 days: 4,500 (31.0)
28 days: 6,000 (41.4)

Split Tensile Strength psi (MPa)

28 days: >400 (2.8)

Flexural Strength psi (MPa)

7 days: >500 (3.4)
28 days: >600 (4.1)

Bond Strength psi (MPa)

7 days: >1,400 (9.7)
28 days: >1,800 (12.4)

Length Change

(3" x 3" x 11.25" specimens)
28 days: >-0.020%

Packaging Yield

EUCOREPAIR V100 is packaged in 46 lb (21 kg) moisture resistant bags, and 46 lb (21 kg) pails. Yield: 0.45 cu. ft. (0.013 cu. m. ) per 46 lb (21 kg) bag/pail when mixed with 1 gal (3.79 L) of water.


One unit of EUCOREPAIR V100 will cover approximately 10.5 sq. ft. (1.0 sq. m. ) when placed at an average depth of 1/2" (13 mm).

*Note: For complete product information, please refer to

Video: ToughTek Successfully Pumps Euclid Chemical Mortar Materials


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