TexSpray Mark

Graco TexSpray Mark Electric Airless Sprayers are ideal for contractors who need versatility, reliability and performance. The Mark Series delivers time after time and gives contractors the flexibility to accomplish jobs with varying levels of coatings and finishes, including Level 5 finishes.


MaxPower DC Motor

  • Totally enclosed, fan-cooled design protects the internal components of the motor from dirt, dust and overspray
  • Higher torque = more work done
  • Brushless design means that you will never need to replace brushes
  • Lifetime warranty

Endurance Pump with MaxFlo+

  • Foot valve is positioned low to the ground where it stays submerged in the material bucket
  • New MaxFlo+ with Packout Protection provides oversized fluid passages to deliver maximum flow of even the heaviest materials while virtually eliminating pump pack-out
  • Long-life ceramic and stainless steel balls included for maximum versatility no matter what you're spraying

Advantage Drive

  • Hardened steel gears run extremely quiet
  • The most durable, longest lasting drive in the industry
  • Lifetime warranty

SmartControl 3.0

  • Spray thicker coatings and run longer hoses
  • ProGuard Sprayer Protection System guards against bad or extreme jobsite power conditions


  • Hose guide eliminates twisting, kinking, and coiling for one-person operation
  • Hose is always connected and weight balanced to not tip over
  • Use only the hose you need--the rest stays on the reel
  • Hand crank folds away for storage and one man loading

ProConnect 2

  • Eliminates costly job downtime
  • Quickly and easily swap out the pump for a spare
  • Pin-less design needs no tools

One Part Solution to Keep You Spraying

Endurance Advantage

Always have a spare pump on hand.

  • On the job pump replacement
  • Eliminates downtime
  • Quick & easy pump change
  • No special tools needed

Receive up to 70% off an additional Endurance Pump with purchase of a Large Electric or Gas Sprayer. Or choose a FREE repack kit when you buy a small or midsize electric sprayer.


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