Cementitious Fireproofing Pumps

Graco's versatile fireproofing pumps can easily apply low, medium, and high-density cementitious fireproofing material (SFRM) to columns, beams, joists, decks, walls, floors, and more. Graco has a full line of fireproofing pumps to get the project done.



A Single Pump Handles all Your Fireproofing Needs

Powerful Meets Portability

Graco’s piston and rotor stator pumps are not only compact and easy to take from one job to another, but can easily handle low, medium and high-density spray-applied fire resistive materials (SFRMs).

Touchups to Large-Scale Jobs

Whatever fireproofing material you’re working with, Graco pumps can handle a mix of jobs from small touchups all the way to factory-size projects.

Piston Pumps vs. Rotar Stator

Fireproofing Pump Comparison Chart

  F340e Piston Pump F800e Piston Pump P30x Rotor Stator Pump

Material output*

20 bags/hr

40 bags/hr

35 bags/hr

Maximum flow rate**

12 gpm (45 lpm)

26 gpm (98 lpm)

16.6 gpm (62.8 lpm)

Power input

120V, 15A
230V, 10A, 1Ph

240V, 30A, 1Ph
(2) 120V, 15A

240V, 30A, 1Ph

Hopper Capacity

20 gal (76 L)

40 gal (152 L)

63 gal (239 L)

*Bags per hour dependent on material selection and hose set-up
**Testing in water

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