Spray Foam Insulation Equipment

For contractors who want to provide their customers with the best in insulation technology, Graco has engineered a full line of spray foam insulation machines. Available in air, electric or hydraulic configurations, you’ll find the perfect match for your needs.

Spray Foam Machines for Any Application

Portable & Entry Level Reactors

Ideal for entry-level contractors spraying smaller jobs, touch-ups, rim-joists, and any application where portability and basic operation is preferred.

Reactor E-10

Reactor A-25

Reactor E-20

Mid-Production Reactors

The power and flexibility to tackle a broad range of applications, including home insulation, attics, and small to mid-sized commercial jobs.

Reactor 2 E-30

Reactor 2 H-30

Integrated PowerStation

Gusmer GH-2

High-Production Reactors

For projects that demand the highest output, hydraulic Reactors have the power for large commercial / industrial projects and roofing jobs.

Reactor 2 H-40

Reactor 2 H-50

Featured Article

How to Bid Spray Foam Insulation Jobs

Thermal scan - spray foam insulation


If you're thinking about getting into spray foam insulation, do it right. When it comes to spray foam equipment, Graco's complete line of Reactor spray foam machines gives you the reliability, power and performance your company demands. Don't settle for anything less than the best.


Give your customers exaclty what they want: a quieter, more comfortable home. More and more professional home builders and insulation contractors are offering their customers the option of spray foam insulation. The benefits over traditional, inefficient fiberglass insulation can add up to significant reductions in utility costs.

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