Choosing the Right Texture Hopper Gun

Today’s construction projects often include texture finishes on interior ceiling and wall surfaces. From fine orange peel or more pronounced knockdown finishes,  achieving a consistent finish throughout the application is important. When trying to perfectly match an existing texture finish for remodeling projects, texture consistency is critical.

Consistency in texture applications requires a high-level of perception and adjustment and professionals who consistently do it well can be considered “artists.” In addition to the right skills and an understanding for mixing drywall mud for texture spraying, selecting the right equipment plays a major role in applying the material consistently.

For small to medium interior construction projects, choosing the right air compressor and texture hopper gun can:

  • Improve texture consistency
  • Impact the time on the job
  • Increase the number of jobs completed

When choosing the right hopper gun, there are a multiple options and a few key elements to consider. 


Gravity-Fed Hopper Guns

Gravity-fed texture hopper guns have largely remained unchanged since being introduced to the marketplace over 85 years ago. As the name suggests, these hopper guns use gravity to push the material to the spray nozzle. With few moving parts and a lower price-point, gravity-fed hopper guns have been the choice for most contractors for years.


Every Pound Matters

Hopper guns can typically hold up to 20lbs of material. During the application process, they are often held above the shoulders for long periods of time - especially on larger jobs. As a result, the weight of the gun matters. While they may last longer and take more abuse on the job, metal hopper guns are usually heavy and can play a major factor with operator fatigue.

Advances in plastics and reinforced composite materials have led to new, more lightweight gravity-fed hopper guns. Like their metal counterparts, these newer guns are designed to hold-up in tough jobsite conditions.


Pressurized Hopper Guns

After decades of the same technology, a new style of hopper gun has improved the overall performance of traditional hopper guns. Instead of gravity, these new pressurized hopper guns use uniform, pressurized air to push the material into the spray nozzle. This added pressure also helps to project the material farther for easier spraying on high, hard-to-reach surfaces while supporting accessories like a fan pattern kit for more unique patterns.

Pressurized texture hoppers provide many material-related benefits:

  • Thicker materials can easily be processed
  • There is no need to customize the material mix for the hopper capability
  • The sealed hopper improves work flow:
    • Eliminates premature setting of material
    • Prevents material from spilling out of the hopper
    • Easier to work in small spaces
    • No need to “balance” the hopper upright when setting down
  • Consistent head-pressure ensures the material is being fed to the spray nozzle with the same force
    • Regardless of the material volume in the hopper

Improved Efficiency and Performance

The new pressurized hopper guns also help contractors improve work efficiency and overall performance. There are system controls located on the gun so operators make fewer trips to the compressor for adjustments. Any clean up issues related to waste material restrictions and/or lack of water on job sites can be avoided since the sealed hopper can be transported offsite without spilling.

Whatever hopper gun you choose, make sure to select the option that aligns with your job types while providing the most long-term benefits to consistently deliver a quality texture finish, complete jobs faster and grow your business.

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