EcoQuip 2 EQp - Intro and Setup

Follow along to learn how to setup your EcoQuip 2 EQp system.

System Setup

To set up your EcoQuip 2 EQp, follow these steps:

1.      Close the fill flush valve and connect to a pressurized water supply hose with a minimum inside diameter of three-quarter inches or 19 millimeters to the garden hose connection.

2.      Turn on water supply. *

3.      Connect the ground cable clamp to the true earth ground

4.      Always purge the air supply hose before connecting the air supply hose from the compressor to the panel. Clear all debris from the hose.

5.      Connect an appropriately sized air supply hose to the air inlet and install the hose restraints and coupler pins (see Technical Specifications, page 49).

6.      Open the compressor air supply valve (150 psi, 10.3 Bar, 1.03 MPa) maximum. **

7.      Connect the blast hose, coupler pins, hose restraints and connect the control hoses. ***

8.      Close the abrasive ball valve.

9.      Turn the selector valve to off.

10.   Open the air supply valve.

11.   Close the pot dump valve.

12.   Fill the pot with water. Use the fill/flush valve or an external source. Add a rust inhibitor if necessary. (See manual Use Rust Inhibitor, page 18).

13.   Open the pot dump valve.

14.   Add abrasive material (see Technical Specifications, page 49 for capacity information).

15.   Close the pot dump valve.

16.   Open the fill flush valve until water is above the pop-up seal and then pull up on the pop-up handle to pressure the pot.

17.   Close the fill flush valve once pressurized. ****

18.   Turn the selector valve to wash until pump stop cycling to remove air from the wash tubing.

19.   Turn selector valve to blast and open abrasive metering valve 1/4 turn and check pop pressure gauge to ensure pot is pressurized.

Warning: To avoid injury due to a spray from wet media from the pot, always pressurize the pot before engaging the blast control switch and opening the abrasive ball valve.

20.   If not pressurized, pull up on pop-up handle while pump is cycling and engage blast control switch and set blast air pressure to desired pressure.

21.   Open abrasive ball valve.

22.   While blasting, set abrasive metering valve until desired production is achieved.

* Note: The maximum water supply pressure is 100 psi (6.8 bar, 0.68 MPa). The minimum flow requirements is 1 gpm (3.8 lpm).

** Note: NOTE: Make sure the air supply meets the appropriate air flow requirements.

*** Notice: Do not use a wrench when installing the nozzle. Damage to the seal could occur. To avoid seal damage, always hand-tighten the nozzle.

**** NOTE: If using a non-pressurized water supply, fill the pot with water while in BLAST mode or use an external source.

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