EcoQuip 2 EQs Elite - Shutdown and Storage

Follow along to learn how to drain the pot and store your Graco EcoQuip 2 EQs system.

Draining the Pot

When draining the pot on your EcoQuip 2, follow along with these steps

NOTE: Before draining the pot, verify that all steps in manual (Refer to Pressurize the Pot, page 14), have been followed. Check the pot pressure gauge to make sure the pot is pressurized.

1.      Closed the abrasive ball valve and disconnect the abrasive ball valve camlock by removing the coupler pins and pulling the rings out and up to pull the two cams away from the groove.

2.      Hold a bucket under the cam-lock coupler, then turn the selector valve to WASH. This will clean debris from the cam-lock coupler and gasket.

NOTE: Make sure the gasket is clean and in place after the procedure. Turn the selector valve to blast.

3.      Turn the selector valve to BLAST. This will pump the abrasive out through the abrasive hose. Once no abrasive flows from the hose, close the abrasive ball valve.

4.      Place a bucket under the abrasive hose. Slowly open and close the abrasive ball valve to flush abrasive material from the pot. Repeat several times. Once no abrasive material flows from the hose, close the abrasive ball valve. Turn the selector valve to OFF.

5.      Engage the pop-up pin to hold the pop-up open and allow air to enter.

6.      Open the abrasive ball valve and drain the pot of water.

Close the pop-up and connect the abrasive hose.


To shutdown your machine:

1.      When you have finished blasting, use the wash feature to flush all of the abrasive from the blast hose. (Refer to manual Use the Wash Feature, page 21). *

2.      Turn the selector valve to OFF, and with the abrasive ball valve closed, continue to blast until water is cleared from the hose. This is to dry the inside of the hose for storage.

3.      Perform Pressure Relief Procedure, Page 15

* NOTICE: To prevent material from packing out and damaging blast hoses, ensure that the abrasive ball valves are fully closed before shutting off your air compressor.

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