How to Get a Steady Flow of Blast Media

Follow along to see what may be causing the unsteady flow of blast media.

What Causes Unsteady Media Flow

1. Not enough water in the water tank.

A. Confirm that the water level in the water tank is above the outlet hose so there is no chance of air getting sucked into the water pump.

2. Pressure pot is out of media.

A. Make sure that the pot is not very low or empty of media.

3. There is something blocking the back of the nozzle.

A. Remove the nozzle and confirm that nothing is stuck in the nozzle cone.  Foreign objects can get into the blast stream from low quality abrasive, or from an air-supply hose that was not purged, or from a broken piece of nozzle grommet.

4. Whip hose (smaller diameter hose) is being used at the end of the blast hose.

A. A whip hose commonly used in dry blasting does not work well for wet abrasive blasting and will cause periodic sputtering and waist abrasive.

5. EcoQuip 1 ONLY - There is air trapped in the top of the pressure pot.

A. When you are pressurizing the pot, always confirm that you can detect air escaping from the auto-vent (until it seals and pressure is indicated on the pot pressure gauge.)

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