How do I insulate the FTS on the Reactor heated hose?

Insulating the FTS on the Reactor heated hose can help to avoid hose temperature issues related to ambient temperature.

Missing or damaged insulation around the fluid temperature sensor (FTS) can lead to erroneous temperature measurements, causing the hose heat to be constantly on. To avoid erratic hose temperatures, you can insulate the fluid temperature sensor.

Note: This step-by-step guide walks you through insulating the FTS on your Reactor Heated Hose. This document is not replacing the manual, for a full overview of safety instructions please see the manual.

  1. Locate the connection between the heated hose and the whip hose.
  2. Remove Xtreme-Wrap and Scuff Guard.
    1. Remove the 3 ft (91 cm) section of Xtreme-Wrap™ covering the joint, if used.
    2. Slide the hose scuff guard back to expose the last 4 ft (122 cm) of the hose.
  3. Place foam.
    1. Place the section of foam insulation over the heated hose as shown in the figure below. The foam should cover the FTS probe inside of the heated hose, upstream of the FTS fitting (towards the Reactor). Cover both hoses with a foam insulator.
  4. Wrap the applied foam with tape.
  5. Reinstall scuff guard and Xtreme-Wrap
    1. Slide the hose scuff guard over the tape and the connection between the heated hose and the whip hose.
    2. Reinstall the Xtreme-Wrap if used.

Refer to the manual for further directions:

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