How do I properly size my generator?

Correctly sizing your generator ensures you can power your Reactor unit when you do not have mains electricity.

Sizing your generator correctly is vitally important. If you undersize your generator you won’t be able to power your Reactor unit. If you oversize it you’re wasting money. Follow the steps below to properly size your generator.


Note: This step-by-step guide walks you through properly sizing your generator. This document is not replacing the manual, for a full overview of safety instructions please see the manual.

  1. Determine the correct size generator.
    1. Use the following procedure to determine the correct size generator:
      1. List system components that use peak load requirements in watts.
      2. Add the wattage required by the system components.
      3. Perform the following equation: Total watts x 1.25 = kVA (kilovolt-amperes).
      4. Select a generator size that is equal to or greater than the determined kVA.
  2. Connect Power*
    1. Turn the main power switch off.
    2. Open electrical enclosure door. Terminal jumpers are located inside the electrical enclosure door.**
    3. Install supplied terminal jumpers in the correct positions for the power source used.
    4. Route power cable through strain relief in the electrical enclosure.
    5. Connect incoming power wires.
    6. Verify all items are connected properly. Gently pull on all connections to verify they are properly secured.
    7. Close electrical enclosure door.

*Note: All electrical wiring must be done by a qualified electrician and comply with all local codes and regulations. **Terminal jumpers are located inside the electrical enclosure door if equipped.

Refer to the manual for further directions:

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