What causes damage to the filter element such as tearing or collapsing and will this result in tip plugging?

A damaged filter results in frequent tip plugging. How can you avoid filter screen damage?

The function of the filter screen of a Graco proportioner is to filter out particles that can plug the pump inlet check valves. If the filter screen gets damaged, the debris will remain in the material flow, possibly causing tip plugging and unexpected downtime.

How filters get damaged

Damage to filter screens is generally caused by debris build-up on the screen, which restricts material flow. Instead of passing through the screen, the pumped material will continue pushing on the screen, resulting in a collapsed, torn, or cut screen.

High fluid pressure could also bypass a plugged screen, lifting the filter support and allowing unfiltered material to reach the spray gun. Unfiltered material that bypasses a filter or flows through a damaged filter screen will result in frequent tip plugging.

How to avoid filter screen damage

To avoid debris building up on the filter screens, you should perform a daily or weekly check-up before starting the system. Check if the inlet screens are clean and remove any possible debris from the filter by flushing.

To flush the fluid inlet strainer screens, follow the instructions in your Graco Reactor manual.

Refer to the manual for further directions:

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