What is the minimum and maximum heated hose length supported?

Discover the minimum and maximum heated hose length (including whip hose) of a Graco Reactor.

The length of the heated hose has an influence on the performance of your spray proportioning system. To ensure effective impingement mixing and spraying, you should take into account the minimum and maximum hose length of your Graco Reactor.  

Hose length influences the mixing and spraying conditions of your system. The longer the hose, the higher its resistance and the lower the current it can carry. If the resistance becomes too high, the current flow will be too low to properly heat up the material, resulting in bad impingement mixing and spraying results.

Minimum hose length

The minimum hose length of Graco Reactors is 60 ft* (15 m*).

With a hose length below 60 ft* (15 m*), the mixing and flow regulation of the system will be difficult.

Maximum hose length

  • The maximum heated hose length for Reactor 2 E-30, E-30i, E-XP2, E-XP2i, H-30 and H-XP2 is 310 ft* (94.5 m*) (including whip hose).
  • The maximum heated hose length for Reactor 2 H-40, H-50 and H-XP3 is 410 ft* (125 m*) 
  • *Length includes whip hose.

For more information, please read the Graco Reactor manual.

Refer to the manual for further directions:

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