ToughTek F680e Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Schedule

  • Flush the system.
  • Relieve pressure.
  • Clean hopper with a scrub pad. 
    • It is recommended that you clean the outside of the sprayer using a cloth and water.
  • Check hoses, tubes and couplings for wear, damage and leaks. 
  • Tighten all fluid connections before each use.
  • Check and replace cam-lock gaskets as needed.
  • Check hydraulic oil level and fill as necessary.
  • Check compressor oil level and fill as necessary. 
    • Compressor oil should be replaced after 50 hours (break-in) and every 200 hours after initial oil change. 
    • If the compressor oil is dark black and shows sediment before the 200 hour time period is complete, replace the oil.
    • If the red dot on the compressor sight glass is visible, add oil.
  • Inspect hydraulic and fluid lines for leaks.
  • Check fluid drain/purge valve for proper operation. 
    • Clean/flush the valve if necessary.
  • Check level of Throat Seal Liquid (TSL) in displacement pump packing nut. 
    • Fill nut, if necessary. 
    • Keep TSL in nut to help prevent material buildup on piston rod and premature wear of packings and pump corrosion.
  • If operating in an unusually dusty environment, check the filter daily and replace if necessary.
  • Remove compressor air filter cover and clean element. 
    • Replace the element if necessary.
  • Check the hydraulic fluid level weekly using a dipstick. 
    • The fluid level must be between the marks on the dipstick. 
    • Refill as required with approved hydraulic fluid (see Technical Specifications, in manual). 
    • If the fluid is dark in color, change the fluid and filter. 
  • Replace break-in oil in a new unit after the first 250 hours of use or within 3 months, whichever comes first. 
  • See the table below for recommended frequency of oil change.
  • Clean the pre-filter and muffler on the air compressor air relief valve. 
  • Replace the air relief valve (part 17H606) and muffler (part 120206) if necessary.
  • Check belt wear. 
  • Replace if necessary.
  • To prevent rust, never leave water or water-based fluid in the pump overnight.
  • Material left on the throat seal can dry out and damage the seal.
  • Always stop the pump at the bottom of the stroke to avoid damage to the throat seal.
  • Always flush the pump before the fluid dries on the displacement rod.
    • First, flush with water, then with oil. 
    • Relieve the pressure, but leave the oil in the pump to protect the parts from corrosion.
  • Exposing the motor and/or control to water can cause damage and possible motor failure.
  • Do not store the pump outside.
  • Do not spray water directly into the motor fan.

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