ToughTek CM20 - Daily Shut Down

Follow along to see the daily shutdown required for the ToughTek CM20.

Shut Down of the CM20

Follow these steps to learn how to do a daily shutdown of the CM20 continuous mixer. 

  1. Let the hopper run out of dry material. *
  2. Turn off the water supply while mixer is running to relieve pressure.
  3. Turn the unit off by flipping the switch to the OFF position.
  4. Unplug the power cord from the mixer.
  5. Depressurize/drain water control assembly by opening water accessory ball valve. **
  6. Disconnect water supply.
  7. Disconnect the motor power cable. ***
  8. Disengage both mix tube toggle latches and remove mix-head assembly. ****
  9. Pull the mixing shaft out of the mixing tube and flush both with water and a brush. Make sure all of the mixing elements on the mixing shaft are clean.
  10. Clean the face of the throat insert.
  11. Clean out water dosing port.
  12. Reinstall the mixing tube assembly onto the throat insert. Ensure the pins on the mixing shaft line up with the slots in the material dosing shaft.

*Notice: Avoid contact with the discharge nozzle, mix shaft, and material dosing auger shaft during shut down. These parts can pull in, crush, cut, or amputate fingers and other body parts.

**Notice: To prevent damage to the water control assembly (D), drain water from unit if it is to be stored for extended periods of time or in freezing temperatures. Follow Changing Material and Storing Equipment, page 14.

***Notice: To prevent damage to mix-head assembly, do not allow material to cure in mix-head assembly.

****Warning: Do not use pressurized water jets to clean electrical box, motor, capacitors, or wires. Use of pressurized water jets can cause water to enter the electrical controls and increase potential for electric shock.