ToughTek CM20 - Disassembly

Follow along to see the dissaembly of the ToughTek CM20 system.

Disassembly of the CM20

Follow these steps on how to disassemble the CM20 continuous mixer.

  1. Follow the Shutdown procedure (Refer to manual, page 12), then perform the Changing Material and Storing Equipment procedure (Refer to manual, page 14).
  2. Remove the motor and disconnect the motor power cable
  3. Remove the rear toggle latch clip and then open the rear toggle latch
  4. Support the motor and remove the motor alignment pin clip, motor alignment pin washer and the motor alignment pin. Set the motor aside.
  5. Disengage both mixing tube toggle latches and remove the mix-head assembly.
  6. Remove hopper ring pins and then remove mixer *
  7. If desired, fold cart stand for storage convenience by removing cart pins and fold together.

*Notice: Be sure to properly support the mixer with a two-person lift during removal. Do not suspend from crane or hoist. The mixer is heavy and can crush fingers and other body parts.