ToughTek CM20 Operation

Follow these steps to learn how to operate the ToughTek CM20 continuous mixer:

  1. Complete setup (refer to manual, page 7) *
  2. Fill the hopper with dry material. Set the bag in the center of the hopper grate so the bag breaker teeth engage the center of the bag. Twist the bag approximately 15 degrees in both directions to rip the bag open. Lift both ends of the bag so the dry materials falls out of the bag and into the hopper. **
  3. Turn the unit on by moving switch into the ON position.***
  4. Adjust the water metering valve until the material is the correct consistency.****
  5. If desired, pause the output during operation by starting and stopping the unit using the On/Off switch.

*Notice: To help prevent injury from moving parts, do not operate with the grate or mixing tube removed.

**Notice: Adding material to the hopper generates clouds of dust and exposes the user to the sharp teeth on the hopper grate. Always wear protective equipment when adding material to the hopper.

**Note: Keep hopper level as close to the grate as possible to achieve maximum output and consistent water content

***Note: The water control solenoid will automatically open when the unit is turned on

****Note: It takes time for the mixed material to travel through the tube. Avoid making over-adjustments. Make small adjustments and wait 10-15 seconds to allow the material to travel through the tube before making another adjustment.