ToughTek CM40, CM40 Silo Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Schedule

When finished mixing and dispensing material or taking an extended break, the mixer should be emptied and cleaned thoroughly so material does not cure and harden in the system.

  • Continue to mix and dispense material until no dry material remains.
    • CM-40: Do not add any more bags of dry material to the hopper. Run the mixer until the hopper is empty and only clear water exits the mixing tube discharge nozzle.
    • CM-40 Silo: Close the silo butterfly valve and run the mixer until only clear water exits the mixing tube discharge nozzle.
  • Press the STOP button and turn the water pump switch to OFF.
  • Turn the power disconnect switch to OFF.
  • Clean mixing tube assembly:
    • Remove the mixing tube discharge nozzle, mixing shaft, and mixing tube.
    • Thoroughly clean the removed parts with water. A water hose can be attached to the water faucet valve to spray down the mixing parts.
      • The mixing tube can be removed from its steel support sleeve for easier and more thorough cleaning.
    • Wipe down the feed liner. If any material or residue has built up on the water feed slot, thoroughly clean it out. Run water through feed slot if necessary.
  • Clean hopper and feed screw:
    • Disconnect the power cable from the main power in connector.
    • Remove the wedge retainers and remove the motor assembly from the system.
      • When removing a wedge retainer (K), hit the underside with a rubber mallet. Do not hit the pointed end of the wedge retainer. The end of the wedge can become damaged or bent, and no longer fit through the retaining slot.
    • Remove the hopper grate.
    • Pull out the feed screw.
    • With a rag, clean out the hopper, feed screw, and any other components that are still covered with material.
    • Dry all components thoroughly.
    • Assemble the feed screw back into the hopper and attach the hopper grate.
    • Attach the motor assembly to the base unit.  Align and engage the motor shaft adapter and flat end of the feed screw before securing the motor assembly with the wedge retainers.
  • Reattach the mixing tube discharge nozzle, mixing shaft, and mixing tube.
  • Dispose of all waste material in accordance with local rules and regulations. See manufacturer SDSs for more information.
  • Perform the Clean Out procedure, outlined above.
  • Clean the hopper with a scrub pad and thoroughly dry the hopper and feed screw. It is recommended that you clean the outside of the mixer with a cloth and water.
    • Failure to clean properly after use will damage seals and moving parts due to wear from material build-up.
    • Failure to thoroughly dry the hopper and feed screw can cause material buildup and material to be fed and mixed inconsistently.
  • Check the mixing shaft, bearing on the mixing tube discharge nozzle, mixing tube, feed screw, and motor seal for wear and damage.
  • Replace if necessary.
  • Replace the grease in the motor gearbox. 
  • Use grease made for gear applications.

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