ToughTek S340e and CM20 - Setup, Starting and Pumping

Information on the ToughTek S340e and the CM20, including the starting of the machines, setting up the mixer and pumping.

Start Up

Graco's ToughTek CM20 continuous mixer and S340e piston pump are small, but powerful and plug into any 120V outlet. Learn some tips and tricks for these pumps and when it makes sense to use them for various mortar products.

Unlike others on the market, this is a piston pump, which allows for more pressure throughout. What this means for you? Go further, with more hose length and even have the ability to go vertically. 

Setting Up CM20

Find out how to set up your CM20 Continuous Mixer.

In this video, Danny Carrillo will walk you through how to set up a ToughTek CM20 continuous mixer. He will give you tips and tricks for getting the right mix ratio of water to material. 

Pumping with ToughTek S340e

Watch and learn as Danny gives industry tips while he primes the hose and gets ready to pump and spray the ToughTek S340e.

Learn what first steps you should take, and get a first look at how well the pump works when spraying on the wall.