ToughTek S340e - Error Codes

Information on how to fix any common errors that happen with your S340e.

5 Blink Error

My pump shutdown with a 5 blink error. How do I fix it?

If the pump has shut down and a five blink error code is observed then the pump has stopped due to an un-pumpable material, a worn check ball, a pack out in the pump, or a plug in the hose or applicator.   It is important to determine which event caused the error before deciding on the course of action.  

The first step is to relieve the pressure by opening the drain/purge valve.  Place a bucket under the valve to catch material.  Use caution when opening the valve. Once the pressure is relieved, turn the knob down to approximately 10% and turn the pump back on.  Start pumping material out of the relief valve to verify that the pump is not packed out.  Material should come out of the valve, if the pump cannot push out material then the pump may have a worn check ball, or the pump may be packed out. If the check ball is worn, replace the check ball with a new one.  To clean out a pack out, disconnect power from the pump and break down the pump lower to find out where the pack out is.  Clean all of the materials from the pump’s lower with water prior to re-assembling. Re-assemble the pump lower and begin pumping.

If the pump can successfully pump material, there is most likely a plug in a hose or applicator. Break the applicator/hose assembly starting with the tip on the applicator, then the applicator, then each section of hose working from the applicator back to the pump. When you remove the plugged portion of the applicator/hose you will typically see dried/hard material where the water has separated out.  To clear a plugged hose or applicator use a purge hose (a 3/8" polyurethane tube connected to a water hose.)  The tube is inserted into the plugged area while water is forced through it.  This will break-up dry material and wash it away allowing the plug to be cleared. Reassemble the hose and applicator.

If the pump can successfully pump out of the relief valve, and no plug is found in the hose or applicator, the mix design of the stucco material may not include a high enough ratio of cement/admixtures to fine sand aggregate/fiber load.  The use of a pump aide/admixture (such as Easy-Spred®) improves pumpability of a material by "thickening" the water in the mix and increasing the pressure at which water will separate from the mix while pumping. Consult your material manufacturer for acceptable pump-aides/admixtures to use in the mix.