ToughTek S340e - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions revolving around ToughTek S340e.

Aggregate Size

How large of an aggregate can the S340e handle?

The S340 pump can handle aggregates as large as 3.0mm depending on the concentration of the aggregate within the mix. For stucco materials mixed on site, aggregates used should conform to ASTM C897. It is important to recognize the size of aggregate also will limit the size/type of applicator/tip used to spray.  When spraying EIFS finish coats with larger aggregates a correspondingly larger tip must be used.

Environmental Conditions

Are there any environmental conditions that could affect the performance of the pump?

Cementitious materials like stucco can setup (harden) much faster during hot weather.  This can affect the materials ability to be pumped and sprayed.  When mixing, pumping, and applying stucco in hot weather adjust the water content accordingly to prevent problems.  Always refer to the material manufacturers recommendations for adding water to the mix.
Hoses can get hotter than the ambient air temperature due to radiant heating from the sun.  On hot, sunny days care should be taken during the wetting out of hoses before pumping begins.  Do not wet the hoses out too far in advance of beginning pumping.  Once pumping has started it is best to minimize the amount of long pauses in pumping over 5-10 minutes long.  This will keep the material in the hoses moving and help eliminate the possibility of material setting up inside the hose.

Due to the nature of the materials being pumped with the S340e, it is not recommended to use the machine when the temperatures are below freezing.

Remote Control

I am running a long length of hose and will not be near the machine to start/stop the pump. Can I control the pump near the applicator?

It is possible to control the start/stop of the pump from the applicator by using the remote switch kit. The remote switch kit comes pre-installed on models 25A302 and 25A306, or is available to install on other models by ordering kit 17G554.

Check Valve

When would I use the outlet check valve kit (25A466) with an S340e?

It is recommended to use outlet check valve kit 25A466 with an S340e when applying thin materials such as air/vapor/weather barriers.  It is not recommended to use kit 25A466 with an S340e when applying filled materials such as EIFS and Stucco base and finish coats.


What is EIFS?

EIFS stands for External Insulation and Finish System. It is a non-load bearing exterior wall cladding system comprised of various layers.

The S340e can spray multiple components of an EIFS system including water-resistive barrier, base coat, and finish coat.