ToughTek S340e - Applicators and Tips

Is there a recommended applicator and tip/orifice to begin with?

The table below provides a good starting point for applicators and tips/orifices based on generic material.  The final setup may need to be altered based on your specific application.

Material:                                          Applicator:                      Recommend Tip to Start:
Stucco                                             1 ¼" Browning Gun        5/8" Stamped
EIFS - Finish Coats                        HTX                                  #10 HTX
EIFS - Fluid Applied Barriers        HTX w/Fine Finish         #4 HTX / "A" Fine Finish Tip
EIFS - Base Coat Adhesives        HTX                                  #8 HTX
Stone Paints w or w/o Flake       HTX w/Fine Finish         #10 HTX / "D" Fine Finish Tip

Can I use an airless RAC tip on my HTX™ applicator?

RAC tips should NOT be used in conjunction with the S340e.  The S340e is not intended to be an airless sprayer. The aggregates and viscosities of the materials intended for use in the S340e prevent an efficient use of RAC tips.  Please use the fine finish kit (287227) supplied with HTX™ applicator 25A515.