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Stucco and EIFS  Pumps and Mixers for Spraying Stucco and EIFS

Professional stucco contractor equipment designed for stucco and EIFS application and repair.

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In today’s market, the demand for new construction as well as repairing older infrastructure is increasing. With more stringent building codes being set, architects and builders are looking for more resilient structures that are efficient. 

Simple application for high quality results

By investing in Graco’s ToughTek stucco pumps, one crew is able to get twice as much done. In addition, spraying stucco and EIFS provides a more consistent finish by guaranteeing that you are able to fill in the metal lath without gaps or air pockets. The finished result is higher quality stucco application from a machine that is simple to use, clean and maintain.

Stucco and EIFS Videos

To meet this growing demand, your business needs to get more jobs done in the same amount of time. See how contractors are taking advantage of the ToughTek S340e to grow their business.

Select the right pump for your business

Choose between Graco’s patented piston pump for a low maintenance machine that pumps at a higher output than competing products, or our simple, dependable rotor stator pumps that deliver a consistent flow of materials.

Piston pump

Piston Pump

Graco’s piston pump technology moves material by moving the pump up and down. For the majority of jobs, Graco’s piston pump technology meets performance standards and is not only easy to maintain, but works with any 120 volt outlet.

Rotor stator pump

Rotor Stator Pump

Graco’s rotor stator pump technology moves material by rotating the pump in a circular fashion. For larger jobs that require thicker materials, a powerful rotor stator pump will give you the durability and rugged performance needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Brochure - Stucco and EIFS

Stucco and EIFS Industry Brochure

Whether you select a piston pump or rotor stator pump, Graco's ToughTek pumps can easily handle everything from heavy, abrasive scratch and brown stucco base coats to EIFS base and finish coats. Read the brochure to learn more.

ToughTek Mortar Brochure

ToughTek Product Line Brochure

For product specs and ordering information on the entire ToughTek line of pumps, download this brochure.

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