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Creative Fabrications Cleans Julie Penrose Fountain with EcoQuip 2 Blasting Equipment


Creative Fabrications was recently hired to clean the exterior of the stainless steel Julie Penrose Fountain, located inside America the Beautiful State Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In the past, city restrictions kept the company from adding blasting to their capabilities due to regulations around dust, noise and debris. After searching for an environmentally friendly option, Creative Fabrications discovered Graco’s EcoQuip 2 vapor abrasive blasting equipment. Not only does the equipment suppress dust by up to 92 percent less than dry blasting, but EcoQuip 2 uses less than one quart of water per minute.

Creative Fabrications presented the EcoQuip 2 EQm to the city council and the product passed their city codes. In the end, the company was selected for the job based on their background, availability and knowledge of treating and protecting stainless products.

Video: EcoQuip 2 EQm Blast Cleaning the Julie Penrose Fountain


Creative Fabrications originally started blasting with walnut shells, but quickly realized the media was too soft. From there, they went up in hardness and tried different media types, ultimately deciding to use glass bead (MOHS of 5.5-6) with the EcoQuip 2 EQm because it removed the tarnish and rust from the stainless steel monument while leaving very little profile. Glass beads are used for general cleaning, peening and cosmetic finishing of sensitive metal surfaces. Because the media is "soft" and does not cause harm to the original surface, they are ideal for restoration work. In addition, the media is typically made from recycled material and safe for the environment.

The company started off using a 1.25-inch hose with a no. 6 nozzle but switched to a no. 8 nozzle to increase production and get more volume. To achieve the desired production, Creative Fabrications also rented a second 185 cubic feet per minute (cfm) compressor for additional air flow. By creating a manifold, the team attached the two 185 cfm compressors to the EQm. To finish off the project, they added a stainless steel treatment to the monument to prolong any future oxidation.

Julio Penrose Fountain in CO - Blast Cleaning with EcoQuip


Creative Fabrications was highly satisfied with the EcoQuip 2 and the results they were able to achieve. Specifically, the team found they could produce a high standard of work while not having to worry about any dust or containment issues. This was Creative Fabrication’s first project using the EcoQuip 2 EQm vapor abrasive blasting machine and they were thrilled with the end results.


End-User: Creative Fabrications

Industry Market Sector: Surface preparation, blast cleaning

Application: Treating/protecting stainless steel products

Material Specifications: Glass bead

Graco Equipment: EcoQuip 2