Graco Inc.

Слънчева енергия 

Оборудване за дозиране на лепило за производство на соларни панели

При процеса на производство на соларни фотоволтаични модули, плоски панели и панели с тънък филм се използват силикон, бутил, полиуретан и други материали. Оборудването за боравене с флуиди и решенията за дозиране на Graco са подходящи за работа с повечето материали, необходими за производство и използване на соларни панели – например, за заваряване на релсови съединения, херметизация и уплътняване на клемни кутии. Научете повече

Graco PGM Metering System

Graco is a world leader in sealant and adhesive dispensing for solar applications.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) modules use flat panels, parabolic mirrors, Fresnel lenses and flexible thin film panels to collect and convert sunlight into electricity. Electricity generated from these sources is then converted from DC to AC for distribution and daily use.

Despite record installation rates in recent years, PV module manufacturers have realized dramatically lower prices, instigating a push toward increased efficiency and lower manufacturing costs.

Solar Manufacturing & Materials

A variety of sealants and adhesives are used in solar module manufacturing processes.  Silicone adhesives and sealants provided a strong, reliable bond in applications that require flexibility and resistance to temperature extremes and moisture.

Junction box potting

Silicone is excellent for applications such as solar module frame sealing due to the high sealing performance and flexibility under extreme environmental conditions. Junction boxes are potted with a two-component (2K) silicone or polyurethane. Hot melt materials are used to bond the junction box (or j-box) onto the back of the flat panel collector.

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