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ProMix™ II application story

AJK is a mid-sized Belgian company, specialized in the production and sale of rubbish containers, presses and other, in the disposal and transportation sector used products. Since the products continuously are exposed to all weather conditions and are used to contain products that can easily damage them, the containers need to have an excellent finishing quality.

Old method

AJK used to apply a one-component material, which was supplied in 20-liter cans. The operators would add 2 liters of solvent and transport the material to their spray booths to paint the products. Since the paint, out of security considerations, was stored in a separate building, this meant a substantial loss in spraying time. Application of the paint (both primer and customer colour) was done in 5 separate spray booths, by means of separate President® pumps, with Electrostatic 4500 AA guns. These installations, obviously, worked independently from eachother, complicating the achievement of a consistent finishing quality. Towards the customer, the standard offering was a one-component finish; 2-component and high gloss options were charged separately.

New method

AJK set itself as a target to not only meet the 2007 VOC regulations, but also to improve the competitive offering to its customers. To that effect, a central pump room was installed, with 2 Xtreme™ pumps on 300-liter vats, with agitators and an alarm that indicates when 100-liter is left. To apply the material, 5 ProMix™ II colour change units were purchased with Electrostatic PRO™ XS4 guns. The existing 5 President® pumps were kept for use with customer-specific colours. The pump room was installed in an easily accessible area in the production hall, for frequent replenishment. The ProMix™ II fluid panels and the operator controls have been placed in a protective cupboard in the spray cabins, so that they will remain clean. In cooperation with the paint manufacturer, it was decided to hange to a new, 2-component high-gloss paint and a new primer,both using the same catalyst. The paint, which no longer needs to be pre-mixed, is delivered in 10-liter cans.

Results improvements: 

Results Internal improvements:

  • Reduced material: the use of paint has been reduced by 60 percent;
  • Reduced waste disposal costs: because of the reduction in materials used;
  • Productivity improvement: thanks to the central paint distribution, an estimated 20 percent productivity improvement was reached;
  • Reduced material on stock: due to the use of the same catalyst and 2-component material;
  • Improved material coverage in corners: because of the high percentage of solid particles, the electrostatic effect is increased;
  • Thicker paint layer: instead of around 70 micron, 110 micron of dry material remains on the products; • Improved output: the products can be processed further quicker thanks to faster drying times.

Results External improvements:

  • Customer offer: standard offer now is 2-component finishing, whereas the competition offers 1-component;
  • Improved resistance: against damage;
  • Representative product: the products have a higher gloss, which remains longer.

Director Gunter Janssen says: ”We are very satisfied with the results: both internal procedures and our product offering to our customers have strongly improved. We are ready for the future.”

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