Graco Inc.

To improve the quality of their products, Rabotec equipped their line with Graco material

A clear improvement of the finishing quality

Subsidiary company of the GIP group, manufacturer of holiday cabins destined for campings and open-air hotels, RABOTEC developed its activity in the transformation and the treatment of wood destined for outside furniture (boardings, barriers, benches, skirting and shaped wood). Worried about garantueeing a resisting finishing, Rabotec uses autoclave treatments and high performance finishing product in aqueous phase (dyes and paints).

The finishing of the products is done by means of an automatic installation within a spray booth. This procedure allows to apply the coating in a regular and reproducible manner.

By the recommendations of Emmap, Graco’s partner for the wood industry, Rabotec indeed equipped their installation with a Graco Merkur® inox pump and three automatic Air Assisted AA Plus Graco guns. This systems allows a clear improvement of the finishing quality (flat surface and regular thickness with low variation). On the other hand, the line is more productive (less mist, less clean-up for the spraying enclosure and increased line speed).

Finally, the system facilitates the use of outside finishing products with high viscosity.