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ProMix™ II deployment at Billhöfer in Nürnberg!

At least four colour changes in one working day are necessary

Billhöfer – founded in 1911 – is an international supplier of machines, systems and components for the coating, refinement and adhesion of flat substrates in the areas of paper, cardboard, metal, textiles, plastic, etc.

It was about a year ago that GRACO dealer Haseloff Spritz- und Lackiertechnik from Burthann installed a ProMix™ II at Billhöfer. The ProMixII replaced a competitor’s mechanical 2K installation and since then has been operating perfectly! The ProMix™ II is configured for four colours and one hardener at low pressure. For master batch operation the ProMix™ II is equipped with a Coriolis measuring cell.
The installation is used to process a paste-like, fully structured paint from SW Color Lackfabrik.
Two main colour shades from 200l drums and two special colour shades from 30kg containers are used. At least four colour changes in one working day are necessary. The deployment of ProMix™ II saves Billhöfer a great deal of down time and solvent when changing colours. For their part Billhöfer personnel have contributed to fault-free operation by ensuring that the installation is kept in a fully cleaned and serviced state at all times.

Haseloff Spritz & Lackiertechnik
Am Espen 10, Burgthann
D-90559 Oberferrieden, Germany

T: 49 9183 90120