Graco Inc.

Graco's Improved Product - ProMix 2KE


Fluid Paint Equipment manufacturer Graco has made available its new product ProMix 2KE to European and Turkish markets simultaneously in April 2011.

ProMix 2KE is an update to the previous version, ProMix Easy, which featured an electronic proportioner system. Graco's entry level proportioning technology made a start in 2004 with ProMix Easy, and the product line has been enhanced with ProMix 2KE in 2011.

Designed for ease of use, convenient maintenance and a compact look, the new ProMix 2KE combines air spray, air assisted, airless and electrostatic spraying technologies in 2 different models:

  • Metered (flowmeter) Version
  • Pump Version


Pump versions are turn-key products and are ready-to-use. The product features 2 pumps with 2 ball pistons and also pumps for resin and catalysts. Another benefit of the new PromMix 2KE is the availability of the bellows type pump provided with pump version products as an option. Catalyst hardeners with intolerance to humidity makes it necessary to utilize a pump with a bellows type seal for which contact with air is not desirable.

In metered models, paint supply pumps or systems are also required. Plants may put their existing paint supply lines into use by connecting them to the product.

It is possible to have both proportioning technologies - sequential dosing and dynamic dosing - at once. The relevant technology may be selected as per the paint to be used.

The product is equipped with 50 cc sequential dosing system as a standard; the 100 cc version may be ordered as an option. In addition, dynamic dosing proportioning technology is also provided for water based polyurethane paint applications.

As a novelty, the new generation ProMix 2KE's metered models feature changing possibilites for up to 3 colors (resins in 3 different colors and 1 catalyst hardener). Pump models allow operation with one color resin and one catalyst hardener.

ProMix 2KE performs paint mixing process with a precision of 0.1:1 to 30:1. It allows use of solvent and water based epoxy and polyurethane paint agents as well as applications involving acid catalyst agents.

The ProMix 2KE features an LCD screen for settings, which is the first and the only application in the industry. In addition, reports may be printed through the optional USB kit. LCD screen is easy to use. It may be placed at a desired location of the plant thanks to its extensible cable that can be as long as 15 meters. Mixing proportions, pot life and flow settings may be performed through this screen, and it is also possible to prepare periodic maintenance sheets by tracking cycle counts.

The alternator versions are fully safe when the product is used within a cabin or in an environment where volatile substances exist. The compressor's pressurized air is also sufficient to produce the electric energy required. 90-250 VAC electric versions may be used in safe environments without volatile substances. Thus, it is suitable for plants in search for efficient use of energy.


Solvent Cleaning

The product is different from competitors' products in terms of flushing process: It is possible to program both components and both mixtures to be flushed in separate flushing times by using the timed automatic flushing option, as opposed to volume based setting.

This means saving a significant amount of solvent and extra cleaning. Different flushing times may be programmed for different colors. Lastly, the unique timed automatic flushing feature can be used for both resins and hardeners with the standard unit. As opposed to competitors' products, it is not an optional feature to be purchased separately.

1 or 2 guns may be connected to ProMix 2KE unit, and extra savings and convenience is also possible by connecting an automatic gun flushing canister. Graco's internationally widespread dealership network provides sales, service and spare part procurement operations both in Turkey and in other countries.