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Bombardier Transportation

Bombardier Transportation is a leading global player in the manufacture of railcars. Bombardier Transportation has 59 production sites and engineers in 23 countries.


The French site of Bombardier has multiple paint booths with crews working five days a week, 24 hours a day. They use waterborne epoxy primer paint and solvent-based epoxy monolayer paint with a temperature of application between 20° and 30°C and a pot-life of four hours. Many technical constraints had to be solved within this situation, and more specifically: the feeder had to be close to the painters, supported by a moving platform of 30 meters long.

The solution was to create a distribution area for mixing paints with a ProMix 2KS or 3KS proportioner, depending on the paints used in each paint booth, with an on-board circulation system that can move up to 30 meters for railcar paint application. In this way, Bombardier Transportation has been able to achieve paint savings and significantly increase its production thanks to the Graco proportioner equipment ProMix 2KS and 3KS.

The result of this installation is the reduction of paint preparation time, the reduction of paint consumption and the solvent emissions and the increase of dosing accuracy and productivity.


GRACO Equipment
Graco pumps used for this application: Dura-Flo, Xtreme, Merkur, Husky for the paint circulation and ProMix 2KS and 3KS units. Airless gun XTR7 and Air-Assisted gun G40.

RATIO 1.5:1 For Epoxy Primer Hydro
RATIO 7:1 For Epoxy Solvent


Industry Market Sector
Railway Market

Material Specifications
Waterborne Epoxy Primer Paint
Solvent-based Epoxy Monolayer Paint
Supplier MADER

Typical Properties
Essentially corrosion resistant

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