Graco Inc.

Tech Days at Luís Domínguez e Hijo in Lucena, Spain


Graco's distributor, Luís Domínguez, recently organized a Graco Tech Day event whereby more than 40 wood market customers from the Andalusian region of Spain had the opportunity to learn about high technology products for paint applications and new products in the Graco Finishing range, such as the Mini Merkur™ and the ProMix™ 2KE. A free AirPro™ gun was even awarded to the first 33 companies who confirmed their participation!

The participants had the opportunity to see how a ProMix™ 2KE works in a real life situation and had the opportunity to test the machine themselves. Most impressive was the easy-to-use interface of our ProMix™ 2KE, as well as its unique features (auto-clean, gun-flush box, etc).  Little by little, these products are being introduced and accepted in the wood market sector, as productivity becomes more and more important every day.

During these Tech Days, the Graco distributor, Luís Domínguez, sold a ProMix™ 2KE unit to Muñoz y Villareal S.L., an important local furniture manufacturer.  Material manufacturer, ICA's Regional Manager, Carlos Luna, was happy to show their high quality water-based material sprayed by the best equipment solution on the market: GRACO.

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