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Tecnologías Auxiliares de Fundición S.L. is a Spanish company. They forge and serve heavy metallic elements for different large industries, such as automotive, defence, railway, wind power industry and others. These elements are different, irregular and change regularly, so they have to adapt to their customers on a regular basis. One of their main customers is, for example, Nissan automotive, whose plant is located very near to theirs.

They realized that due to the irregular shape of the parts, they were using a lot of material during the application which resulted in a high cost. The paint result was also not good enough as the paint did not get inside the holes and cavities of the complex elements. So they needed to apply less material, but also more efficiently. Their plant was equipped with three 2025 pumps and air-assisted guns in two robots from a competitor brand.


Ochoa Maquinaria proposed to move to an electrostatic application. So they installed the following Graco equipment:

-Two automatic ProXS™ 4 guns.
-Three low pressure pumps: 2 Triton™ and 1 Husky™.
-Three agitators.
-Two manual ProXS 3, just in case they are needed when the robots have downtime.

In the pictures, you can see the system whereby the pieces move along a hanging production line. After they’re painted on one side, the automatic system turns them and the robots paint the reverse side. The result was a 30 per cent savings in material and a satisfactory result in the covering of the parts.


End User:
Barrio La Agüera, s/n
39409 San Felices de Buelna
Cantabria, Spain

Industry Market Sector:
Forging and manufacturing of metallic elements for industry

Euroclor, Alistatic synthetic

Description of the intrinsic properties of the material:
1K protective paint. Constant agitation. Recirculation

Graco Distributor Details:
Ochoa Maquinaria
c/mayor 25
Allo, Navarra
Fax: 0034948523279
Tel: 0034648156308

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