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Hand spraying in the farming industry with 2K water based coat



The following application concerns an industrial metal supplier for the farming industry in Hungary.
They had a painting plant using hand painters and 2K pump based air-assisted equipment. The system, however, could not be used for production with the newly customer approved, water based 2K material, mostly due to an Isocianatic B’ component. A solution had to be found with a whole new paint supplying system, and a new 2K unit which could handle and process a single colour as a second layer.


Due to the Isocianatic, B’ component and the heavier viscosity, Graco offered a ProMix™ 2KE 35:1 bellows piston pump system to the supplier with a complete paint delivering system. This system contained a new pressurized air desiccant Dryaire™ system and a colour change with Graco’s special valve system.


The company found the 2K ProMix and Dryaire system accurate to handle in their pressurized air environment. The finishing quality was very high and the following advantages were observed:

  • Long life of the bellows piston pump.
  • Reliability with isocianatic B’ components
  • Precise A’ and B’ component dosing and mixing
  • Simple use of the ProMix 2KE.
  • Less solvent used with lower V.O.C emissions.


Industry Market Sector
Metal farming industry, production and coating.

Steel machine parts, and farm equipment welding and spray coating.

Graco Equipment
ProMix™ 2KE HP 35:1 pump version. Paint feeding system with air dessicantation.

ProMix 2KE 35:1 pump based equipment.
24F115 Graco hoses with fittings.
Dessicant Air dryer.

Graco distributor details
Paint Service kft, Cziráki u. 26-32, H-1163 Budapest, Hungary.