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ProMix delivers 2K water-based coatings for an automotive supplier



An industrial plastic and automotive supplier for PSA had an old painting plant consisting of a robot and old competitive 2K equipment that used gear pumps and old spray guns. The system could not produce the newly, customer approved 2K water-based materials, mostly due to an isocyanate B component. A whole new paint supply system was needed with a new 2K machine which could handle and process two colours.


Due to the isocyanate B component and the mixed high viscosity, Paint Service supplied a ProMix™ 2KE piston pump unit with a complete paint delivery system installed with AirPro™ EFX automatic spray guns on robots. Paint Service installed a completely new pressurized air valve box to feed the paint robot. Colour changes are carried out via the special valve system.


The end-user found the system accurate in handling the 2K water-based coating. The EFX spray guns were compact and simple to install and the spray pattern certificate delivered with the guns proved to be extremely useful.

  • The installation of the 3:1 piston pumps provided a big opportunity.
  • The unit proved to be reliable with isocyanate B components.
  • The AirPro EFX spray guns provided a good spray pattern and surface quality.
  • The new air valve box installed by Paint Service proved to be very precise.
  • The installation provided decreased solvent usage and VOC emissions.


Thermoplastic painting, varnishing and electronic product assembly

Material specifications
A new 2K water-based paint for automotive usage in 2 colours

Typical properties
35sec. DIN 4 mixed viscosity, 11:1 mix ratio, 2 colours

Graco Equipment
ProMix 2KE pump version
AirPro EFX automatic gun

Graco ProMix 2KE 3:1 pump-based equipment with 4 EFX guns and Graco hoses and fittings.

Graco Distributor details
Paint Service kft.
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Managing owners: Andrea Varga
and Sandor Varga
Service technician: Karoly Snoly