Graco Inc.

Automatic Air Spray Gun Designed for Precision Finishing

Graco is pleased to announce the introduction of the AirPro™ EFX air spray automatic guns. The new AirPro EFX is a complete line of automatic guns with optimized performance for the most precise spray finishing.

Built from high wear components for spraying abrasive materials, this unique, compact, lightweight AirPro EFX gun is the perfect gun to be mounted on a robot, or on other automatic spraying equipment.

Depending on the spray application, the AirPro EFX can be offered in five different spray technologies,  Conventional, HVLP, LVMP and now also with the new advanced air cap (and nozzle) technologies:

“HiTech” for high transfer efficiency, excellent atomization and superior finish quality. “Air Brush” which delivers a round spray pattern for precise, small surface area spraying, with reduced overspray, resulting in increased profitability. Infused with the latest technology and performance features, the AirPro EFX gun offers countless  innovations for the fine finish marke.


  • 5 spray technologies including the exclusive HiTEch
  • 6 nozzle sizes for flow rates as low as 10 cc per minute, up to
  • 350 cc per minute
  • 3 fluid adjustment knobs for greater flow rate precision
  • 2 mounting styles for manufacturing line flexibility
  • Excellent fluid flow rate stability and repeatability

Fluid Specifications

  • Fluid Working Pressure, Max. 7-100 Bar-psi
  • Fluid Working Temperature, Max. 49-120 °C-°F

Air Specifications:

  • Air Working Pressure, Max. 7-100 Bar-psi


Topcoats, Solvent based paint, Multi colours, Lacquers, Dyes, Clear
coats, Base coats, UV-cure coatings.