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Wooden Reel Production Facility installs an Automatic Paint Line


HES, established in 1974 in Kayseri-Turkey, is one of the leading companies in the wire and cable industry producing Copper Telecommunication Cable, Fibre Optic Cable, Data & LAN Cable, Power Cable, High Voltage Power Cables, Overhead Line Conductor, Copper Wire, Enamelled Wire and PVC Granule. The production is performed at a fully integrated plant with a total floor space of 150,000 m2 and a site area of 410,000 m2 equipped with the latest technologies.

Recently, company managers decided to invest in an automatic paint line for their wooden reel production units, with a capacity of 45.000 units per annum and a diameter of 30 to 260 cm. Graco’s distributor, Altekma, was selected for the project installation.

The project required labelling and coating of reels via an automatic system, with no pump sprayer, nor paint pails in the application zone, and required an automatic cleaning of the pipe line.


Altekma offered a low pressure paint supply system with Graco’s reliable Triton™ pumps and Graco AirPro™ Auto spray guns for the desired surface quality. All pumps include regulators to avoid pulsation and to ensure constant delivery. In the spray zone, a total of six guns are mounted onto four arms. Two are for labelling and have a 1.1 mm tip size, and the other four are for reel coating and have a 1.4 mm tip size. The robot arms work subsequently.

A total of eight Triton pumps are used for each colour and two pumps deliver paint for labelling. Furthermore, another Triton pump is installed to flush through a collector that feeds a pipe line of 25 meters.


After the installation of the new Graco equipment, the production speed of the facility increased and the production unit was able to lower the number of re-touch jobs. The quality of the coating surface met with the production requirement and the installation of a paint kitchen helped to operate in a cleaner and much more professional working environment.


HES Hacilar elektrik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.

Industry Market Sector:
Manufacturing of Cable

Automatic paint line for wood reel production facility

Material Specifications:
Light viscosity industrial paint

Typical Properties:
1K, air dry 2 hours, pot life 30 minutes

Graco Equipment used:
Triton 308, regulators
AirPro Auto spray guns, tips 1.1 and 1.4

Triton 308 low pressure 1:1 aluminium pumps with a regulator for paint delivery, collector to ease flushing and to reduce the number of pipe lines, a pneumatic mix agitator for 200 L drums, Graco AirPro Auto spray guns with 1.1 and 1.4 mm tip sizes.

Distributor details:
Altekma, İvedik Org. San. Dericiler Sitesi 21. Cad. 510 Sok. No:2, Ankara, Turkey
Contact Person: Necmettin Celik
Tel : 90 312 394 2273;