Graco Inc.

Graco’s Mini-Merkur ES replaces cup guns at the SNCF


The SNCF is a European leader in the production of passenger trains, high speed trains, metros and busses. During the yearly Finishing Road Show, the Graco truck made a stop at one of SNCF’s facilities in Rouen. Here, Graco showed its latest product innovations such as the ProMix™ 2KS, our advanced proportioning system, the Pro Xp™ electrostatic gun range and the Mini-Merkur™ ES.

It was the Mini-Merkur ES that caught the attention of the SNCF as a possible solution to replace the cup guns used to paint small parts of the TGV. After the Finishing Road Show, a test with the Mini-Merkur ES in combination with G40™ Air-Assisted Airless guns was organized by the local Graco distributor, Clid Industrie, at the SNCF in Rouen. The test included product compatibility, spray quality and material consumption.

The results of the test showed that the Graco solution was more effective for the painters. The G40 gun offers more operator comfort and a higher productivity with Air-Assisted Airless instead of Air Spray without compromising the finish. A fast colour change was possible due to small lower volume and the system was easy and quick to flush. As a result, the SNCF in Rouen decided to replace their cup guns by a Mini-Merkur ES.

SNCF Rouen, France

Industry Market Sector
Rail Market

Material Specifications
Beckers and Weilburger Coatings

GRACO Equipment
Graco pump Mini-Merkur ES 30:1 inox
G40 air-assisted airless spray gun

Product Pressure 2.5 Bar
Air Pressure 1.5 Bar

GRACO Distributor
Sté CLID Industrie,