Graco Inc.

Creating paint savings of up to 20%

Polish company Brzost is one of the leading manufacturers of wooden chairs and tables. Although the market for wooden products has not grown significantly over the last few years, Brzost has had consistent annual growth to produce around 10,000 chairs per month.

Each of their products is covered in a waterborne paint from Plantag or Helios/Rembrandtin. Graco’s Pro Xs Automatic electrostatic gun was used to perform this application, but although the gun worked well, Brzost was looking for an upgrade, and for a method that could bring even more savings.

Testing period

Graco and local distributor Pomp Serwis S.C. offered them the new Pro Xpc Automatic electrostatic air spray gun to test. This gun is compact and lightweight and can be mounted on a robot or reciprocator. The Pro Xpc was mounted on a CMA robot and the installation was equipped with a special isolation cabinet. Brzost was already using Graco’s Tirton pump, so that was connected to the installation as well.

During the test weeks, the gun performed extremely well. It integrated easily with the robot and brought initial paint savings of 10%. Brzost therefore decided to buy the gun.

Attaining higher performance levels

After using the Pro Xpc Auto for a few months, Brzost confirmed they had made paint savings of up to 20%. “Even in hard-to-reach places the gun has a very good wrap-around effect. It works without any breaks or failure and it has significantly upgraded our paint station to a new level of performance,” said Robert Malec, Production Supervisor at Brzost. “What is more, integrating it with the robot was very easy”.