Graco Inc.

Impressive ease of use in wood finishing applications

Alwa Srl, based in Isola Rizza (Verona, Italy) makes furniture that ends up in hotels and private houses. After years of using only 1K pumps and mixing materials manually, Alwa decided it was time to upgrade their technology and invest in 2K machines, with the objectives of optimizing their production processes and saving time and money.

Alwa purchased three Graco ProMix 2KE units (the high pressure pump versions), along with tanks, agitators and spray guns. The equipment was mounted on carts for easy maneuverability. Each ProMix 2KE was installed on one of their three finishing lines: one for white lacquered paint, and two for different kinds of top coatings.

The benefits of making this transition soon became apparent. Mixing was a lot quicker and resulted in better mix quality. Productivity increased, and the volume of paint needed to cover the same area was reduced. In addition, the complete process could be easily monitored. The results exceeded Alwa’s expectations; they were particularly impressed by the ease of use of the ProMix 2KE units, and totally satisfied about the support their received from Graco distributor B&B Verona.