Graco Inc.

Manual processes are a thing of the past: increased productivity thanks to automation

Peak Contracts Ltd offers the general industry electrical and mechanical engineering solutions, ranging from modifications of existing plants and processes to the complete design and installation of a new plant. This includes paint finishing systems, air handling systems and electrical control systems, but also project and site management, and service and maintenance. Companies that they completed projects with are Ford, General Motors and Durr Ltd.

Dual robotic spray system

For one of their customers, Peak Contracts Ltd was looking into supplying a dual robotic spray system for two-component water-based sprayable adhesives for automotive interior trim components. The challenge was to set up and pre-program the two robots with three different premixed two-component water-based adhesives and spray onto many various products in the same production line.

Creative solution

Peak Contracts Ltd designed the robotic system with their own PLC/graphic user interface and integrated the Graco fluid supply and spray equipment. They used three AirPro automatic spray guns, three pressure feed containers and three air operated fluid regulators in the system, which they bought from local Graco distributor Fluid Technologies Ltd. The system was completely assembled and tested offline and then installed into the production line by the Peak Contracts Ltd team.

Simple to use and customise to you needs

The dual robotic spray system is simple to operate using the Graco stainless steel pressure tanks, which stand on weight sensors to give level indication on the graphic user interface of the manually mixed two-component adhesive. Air operated fluid regulators allow to adjust the flow rates to the spray gun during the spraying program. Moreover, they are fully opened during flushing. The AirPro spray guns provide very good atomisation and are easy to clean after use. The quick detachable gun mount allows easy maintenance of the spray guns when in production. After installation of the new robotic application system, the production throughput increased and the usage of adhesive reduced due to the automation of the manual process.