Graco Inc.

Savings on paint with electrostatic technology


Chelyabinskiy Metal Construction Plant (CZMK) is a Russian company that serves big contractors who build stadiums, concert halls, trade centres, etc. They use approximately 10 kT per month of a very expensive primer, Jotun Penguard Espress ZP, and enamel, Jotun Hardtop AS.

The primer is an intermediate coating for corrosion protection of steel and other substrates exposed to the atmosphere where fast dry-to-coat and/or dry-to-handle times are desired. The coating can be used alone, or in combination with various other primers and top coats. The enamel coating is a two-pack polyurethane top coat with excellent gloss and colour retention.

The company wanted to save a minimum of 10% on the paint cost. The local Graco distributor, General Engineering, recommended using electrostatic technology with the Merkur 30:1 unit.

Easier process & increased quality of the paint surface

Before CMZK started using Graco’s electrostatic spray units, they used another brand of airless technology pumps. After a spray test using Graco electrostatic technology, the results were very encouraging: thanks to the new technology, savings of approximately 15% were noted. There was less overspray compared to airless technology and painting time was reduced. The painting process became easier and the quality of the paint surface increased.