Graco Inc.

Upgraded performance thanks to efficient robot integration

Piston manufacture gas springs that are used in deck lids, passenger seats and engine bonnets on all ranges of cars, buses, minibuses, lorries and trucks. They also manufacture gas springs that are used in the cabins and lids of working machines, in furniture and in some industrial fields.

Setting new standards

Piston were having quality issues with the quick disconnection mount of the automatic electrostatic gun on their reciprocator. They also wanted to save on paint consumption and improve the wrapping effect.

Local Graco distributor, Altekma, offered to demonstrate the Graco Pro Xpc at Piston’s facility, as the Pro Xpc is the ideal gun for the challenge they were facing. It is designed for efficient robot integration and can be integrated into a variety of manufacturing configurations.

Great savings

After this half-day demonstration, Piston noticed a 40% saving on paint consumption. They immediately bought the gun and are very satisfied with the Pro Xpc’s performance. Not only does it generate savings on paint consumption, but it also increases the quality of the gas springs, due to better wrapping.