Graco Inc.

Extremely precise gel dispensing for moisture control

While performing renovation work, residents discovered a moisture problem – specifically rising damp – in their property. They contacted AquaTec to resolve the issue. AquaTec offered a solution of an injectable gel based on siloxanes and silanes. Holes are drilled at the bottom of the wall at 10-cm intervals, into which the gel is injected using a low-pressure infusion line at two to four bar. The gel then diffuses in a circular fashion and ultimately hardens into a water-repellent layer.

RDS70: correct pressure and quantity dispensed

For the past three years, AquaTec has relied on the RDS70 injection unit and injectable gel produced by equipment manufacturer SB Solutions. The experts at SB Solutions have created a custom-built machine that incorporates various components, including two Graco parts. So far, SB Solutions has already sold 51 units. Furthermore, AquaTec exclusively uses the RDS70 injectable gel to eliminate moisture. "The machine, which features a Husky 307 pump and the Ultra-Lite 6000 spray gun, is the best available for dispensing gel. It is optimally configured to the right pressure, which is exactly what we need. This enables us to eliminate product leaks and there is no spillage whatsoever." says Armand van der Stukken, business manager at AquaTec. It is not just the excellent characteristics of the RDS70 itself that make the difference for AquaTec – the technical support and after-sales service provided by SB Solutions cannot be understated either. "We can give our customers a 30-year guarantee which is assured by the equipment manufacturer. There are not many manufacturers who are prepared to work this way," explains Van der Stukken.

No corrosion, good ergonomics

Siloxane products are naturally corrosive, which is why SB Solutions opts for the Husky 307, a double-membrane pump made entirely of plastic. The viscosity has also been tested to ensure that the pump works correctly. However, the Husky 307 was primarily chosen due to the corrosivity issue. The pump is controlled via a 16-bar compressor so that it does not have to run continuously. It also features a pressure relief valve that prevents the pump from being subjected to more than 7 bar.

The Ultra-Lite 6000 spray gun was chosen due to its excellent quality and dispensing ability. "The gun may be expensive, but it is worth every penny," says Peter Van Gysegem, Architect/Business Manager at SB Solutions. "We opted for the Graco gun due to its quality, fantastic dispensing abilities and its good ergonomic design."

After each use, AquaTec rinses the hoses and cleans the heads, which is sufficient in terms of machine maintenance. SB Solutions has been producing this machine since 2007, and to date customer reviews of the RDS70 have been extremely positive.