Graco Inc.

Reliable & efficient solutions for corrosive applications

Celikord is a factory that manufactures and markets steel cords in Turkey. In their facilities, they have several heavy-duty processes where they deal with very highly corrosive chemicals. In one specific application, Sulphuric Acid waste is transferred from one tank to different lines in the facility.

For this specific material transfer process, Celikord recently switched pumps. On a full tank, Sulphuric Acid started to circulate through the pipeline with the 2” pump they were using.  However, Celikord was looking for a reliable solution for their 30-meter fluid transfer

Resistant & long lasting

They started using the new Graco 2” Husky™ 2200 full Polypropylene pump for their Sulphuric Acid application. This pump is built to last, works efficiently and circumvents leakage of dangerous fluids via a one-piece polypropylene centre section that increases chemical compatibility. It has a four bolt joint design that creates a tight seal and a strong reinforced frame that provides a small footprint. It also uses over-moulded diaphragms which are resistant and long lasting.

Easy to maintain

After having the Graco equipment in their facility for 3 months, Celikord was able to evaluate the difference. The new pump ran on average 4-6 hours a day, 7 days a week. Celikord’s previous pump worked at 5 to 6 bar on average, whereas the new Graco Husky 2200 pump worked at 3.5 to 4 bar, a much favourable flow rate and air consumption. On top of that, the new Husky 2200 was easy to maintain thanks to the external air and pilot valves. Celikord factory was really satisfied with the performance of their newly acquired pump.