Graco Inc.

Successfully unloading a medium-viscous chemical


Prens Detergents (Erpa Ltd Sti), located in Izmir, Turkey, manufactures cleaning supplies including dish washing liquid detergent. During their production process, they unload several chemicals from drums; however they were having a problem with a chemical supplied by BASF due to its medium viscosity of around 50.000 cps. This chemical has an active surface agent called Dehypound GL. Prens Detergents had been using forklifts to dump the drums of this specific chemical. This process took half an hour and was unhygienic; therefore they turned to Altekma, a local Graco distributor, for a solution. 

Hygienic & efficient solution

To show Prens Detergents another solution, hygienic and more efficient than their current process, Altekma carried out a demonstration of the SaniForce 2:1 drum length piston pump in their facilities. 

Easy to clean

The result of these tests was astonishing. The drum was emptied in around 8 minutes. The pump was found to be very convenient thanks to its lightweight. The pump can also be used for other applications, as it is FDA compliant with tri-clamp connections and is therefore easy to clean.  Prens Detergents was very pleased with the results of the tests and immediately placed an order.