Graco Inc.

SNCF Romilly - Extruder for 2K mastic application

In the French railways renovation plant, railway cars are repaired and sometimes, depending on the state they are in, completely rebuilt. One of the most important tasks is the preparation of the car before the final paint is applied. This preparation used to be carried out with a 2K mastic product that was stored in 3 kg pots for the base & the catalyst. The various components were mixed manually.

With 20-meter long railway cars, this was not an easy task, especially when mastic product has to be applied on both sides. It resulted in large product loss and long application times.

For this application, Graco was in competition against another manufacturer and the Graco distributor involved was CLID.

Specifications of the components are:

• Viscosity component A: 200 000 cps ("enduit couteau blanc")
• Viscosity component B: 200 000 cps
• Mixing ratio: 1:1
• Material manufacturer: Becker

In order to reduce the preparation time and also to save money with bigger pots for the components, an Extruder 1:1 was suggested.

Description of the suggested installation:
965 119 Extruder 1:1
965 533 2K Ultra-lite™ pistol grip gun

How the system works:
Components A & B are pumped directly by the Extruder and sent directly into a 2K automatic Graco valve.

The 2 components are mixed at the outlet of the 2K valve in a plastic mixer.

The user presses on a foot switch to fill his pot and the mastic is ready to be applied on the railway car.

At the end of the day, the operator simply takes out the used mixer and discards it. The next day he takes a new, clean one and that is all there is to it.



For several months now, the system has been working perfectly without any problems. The customer is very satisfied with the reduction in cost of the mastic product, because less mixed material is wasted. Another important point is that waste and the number of cans used has been reduced by a factor of 5.

For more information contact: Mr. B. Heyman at CLID, 
tel. 33 320581240, fax 33 3 20581241