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Applying PU to Safety Tiles for Wall Frontage



Jovitall S.L. is a ceramic tile manufacturer located in Spain. They were applying a 2 component PU product to a fixed mesh on the back of safety tiles. The application of a PU product is used to avoid accidents if tiles get broken when being placed as technical wall frontage to buildings. However, curing time of the 2 component PU product was very long and stock too high which represented a lot of money. Jovitall needed a fast curing product, so that delivery could take place as soon as possible after finalizing production.


Graco’s partner, Domo3, offered Jovitall a completely automatic solution by installing a Graco Therm-O-Flow™ 200 Lt with a 6-zone temperature control. The Graco Therm-O-Flow is connected through a heated hose to a robot with multi-orifice head which applies the multi-bead on the tiles over the mesh. The reactive PU product is applied at 160°c and cures in seconds.


Jovitall is very satisfied with the solution. By using the reactive hot-melt PU product, the tiles can be delivered the same day as they are manufactured, thus reducing stock. The quality of the reactive hot-melt is very good and Jovitall is reassured that if tiles get broken during placement, the broken parts will not cause any accidents.


End User:
Jovitall S.L.

Industry Market Sector:
Construction, Ceramic Tiles Manufacturer

Safety Tiles for technical walls.

Typical Properties:
Material is a reactive PU hot-melt applied at 160º. When the PU is in contact with air and room temperature, the curing process starts immediately. Tiles can be removed in less than 20 seconds.

GRACO Equipment:
1K Graco Therm-O-Flow 200 with 6 heated zone under control.
Graco Pneumatic Ram with ratio 23:1
4.5 meter Graco hose ½”
Multi-orifice head from Robatech

GRACO Distributor Details:
DOMO3 S.L.L., Ctra. Agost 75, E-03690 Sant Viçent del Raspeig, Alicante, Spain

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