Graco Inc.

A positive testing of the Exactablend by Glass Ceyssens


In July 2013, Graco launched a new Advanced Glazing Proportioner, the ExactaBlend AGP.

Before Graco launches a new product, the products are tested. After tests at the headquarters, field test are organized with different end-user and can run for months. Glass Ceyssens was one of the companies who showed interest in doing field tests with Graco’s new product.

The field tests went well with Glas Ceyssens and the other field testers.  They provided their feedback to Graco and when the test period was over, all the machines were retrieved from the testers. Glas Ceyssens was so pleased with the unit that they decided to purchase their own Exactablend.

The handling of the machine was improved

For Glas Ceyssens the testing was very positive. “When we started testing, we immediately received positive feedback from our people in the production hall”, explained Plant Manager, Fabrizio Briganti. “Our staff, who handles the machine, immediately noticed all the improvements. The main progress was the methodology of working. The previous unit was difficult and troublesome to handle. Graco made a lot of improvements to the handling of the machine by adding to the applicator an easy hose set bundle linked to the unit. It is now a lot more flexible to handle. It may not be perfect yet, but there is already a huge difference in the handling, because the applicator is a lot easier to manage with a fast start-up”, said Fabrizio Briganti.

All of these enhancements made production more efficient. The seal can be dispensed quicker, so a lot more work can be carried out during a normal working day and workers have more time to assemble the glass.

The biggest improvement was for our finances

There is a lot less material waste and that is very noticeable in our costs. “We work with chemical components and there has to be a continuous flow. The glass industry actually experiences a lot of costs due to waste and Graco made a lot of improvements on that issue. As a result, we have less cost and save more money”, explained Mr. Briganti. In not even one year, it should be possible to have a return on investment.