Graco Inc.

Improved secondary packaging line for Italian pasta company

Cerati is an Italian pasta company located in Limbiate. They use a Selematic cartoning machine for closing cartons on their secondary packaging line. They were experiencing some issues with their hot-melt delivery system, such as a long start-up time (40 minutes), unhealthy fumes during the refill of adhesives and dangerous manual refills. They were looking for a hot-melt delivery system that would eliminate these issues and would give them the opportunity to collect information regarding adhesive consumption and unit performance.

10 minutes start-up time

The local Graco distributor, Idealtech, proposed the Invisipac™ HM25 tank-free hot-melt delivery system, equipped with two highly efficient Graco heated hoses. The Invisipac operates with a Venturi-based automatic vacuum system which refills the small melt chamber: a real tank-free, melt-on-demand system. The Invisipac automatically feeds the system with the right amount of adhesive required by the application. This breakthrough technology brings unique advantages to the customer, such as the industry fastest 10 minute start-up time, as well as increased safety, uptime and productivity.

The Invisipac offers an extra reporting feature, which now gives Cerati the option to collect information regarding adhesive consumption and unit performance.

Cerati Invisipac 2

No adhesive spillage

Immediately after installing the Invisipac, Mr. Cerati noted "It’s so easy to work with." Daily operations improved drastically. "I love how quickly the system is up and running. This results in energy savings and increased up-time, boosting productivity." Cleanliness and safety are on top of the list for Mr. Cerati. He likes the production floor to be perfectly clean and safe.  "The automatic feeding of Invisipac, gives me the necessary peace of mind, as I know that no more granules will be spilled on the floor and the operator is safe."