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Glass bonding with Exactablend AGP

Exactablend AGP

Graco EMEA launched one of its newest products, the Exactablend AGP. The Exactablend AGP (Advanced Glazing Proportioner) is a 2 component sealant and adhesive unit for glass bonding.  It is designed to solve the inherent challenges of on-ratio mixing for silicones that are often used in manufacturing curtainwall and insulating glass.

The ExactaBlend AGP differs from competition through its optimal mixing and on-ratio proportioning capabilities that increase quality assurance of the final product. The system's real-time ratio assurance also reduces material waste because the system automatically shuts down if off-ratio conditions occur.

On 3 July 2013, Graco shared their excitement with some specialized distributors during a huge launch event at Graco’s EMEA headquarters in Maasmechelen, Belgium.  The day started with a technical presentation showing the unit’s innovations and unique benefits. After enjoying a real Belgian lunch, the Exactablend AGP was finally unveiled and it was time to put the machine to work. With great interest, distributors had the opportunity to operate the unit themselves. Now it’s time for the Exactablend AGP to conquer the glass bonding market!